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At last, Mold Busters has brought our innovative patented dry fogging processes to Oklahoma.  A unique solution that effectively cleanses large volumes of air and surfaces within a tight time frame and budget. We have both EPA And FDA approval to operate throughout the state, paving the way for us to one day expand our locations in Oklahoma City and Broken Arrow to the entire state, regardless of where you need us to come.


Mold Busters; Kill Mold GuaranteeWe make mold remediation much easier and more hassle-free than traditional methods.  Our Mission is to eliminate dangerous molds and other pathogenic microorganisms such as other fungi, bacteria, and viruses, using non-toxic and comprehensive technology and process, that saves you significant time while effectively restoring commercial and public buildings and homes to the safe and healthy environments they were intended to be.  To achieve this all of our technicians are certified and licensed according to local law. As members of the National Association of Mold Remediators, we are in-tune with the latest developments and training available.  To date, we have more than 10,000 satisfied customers who can speak to the improved living conditions and health of their families, employees, and customers.  We are so confident in our approach that we guarantee 100% satisfaction, or we fog your location again.


We are convenient to any location located within 20 miles of Interstate 44.  Do you live Broken Arrow?  Do you run a business in Catoosa or run a school in Sapulpa, Oklahoma?  Call us, or schedule your appointment directly on our calendar by selecting "Schedule an Appointment" above.  Wherever you are located, Owasso or Sandprings;  Bixby or Coweta, OK.  We've got you covered.

Our List of Environmental Abatement Services

Mold Removal and Remediation

Dry Fogging removes the health effects of black mold and other dangerous molds by denaturing the mold spore cells. Physical removal then becomes uncessary, and is why our customers experiencing mold-related symptoms tell us they start seeing an immediate improvement in their health.

Air Quality Tests

Are you the type that likes to know how much your air will improve?  Then we recommend a quality air test beforehand.  We include a free air quality test after every business an home we dry fog.  Between a baseline and the final result, you will know how much your air improved. Thereafter we can set up a discount to do an annual air test each year to ensure that you are maintaining desired quality.

Odor Cleaning Services

The embedded smell of tobacco or other odors in a home or business that you are selling can be an enormous turn-off.  It also can devalue property and make it less attractive. For these types of properties, dry fog will work miracles, both noticeable and unnoticeable.  You will not only be able to increase the perceived value of the property during visits and open houses but will be able to sell the fact that you have restored its air quality creating a healthy environment for its new occupants.

Water Damage Restoration

In some cases, demolition is unavoidable. If you need to fix the pipe with the pin-hole leak behind the wall, then you need to cut into the wall to fix the source of the mold problem.  Sometimes the water damage is so extensive that the sheetrock is unusable.  If your situation fits this more rare scenario, we will do an initial assessment that will ensure the proper prescription for the restoration project. If necessary we will help put you in touch with the very best plumbers and other contractors to get this done.

Virus Disinfection

Is your gym, apartment investment property, or eating establishment a place where you want to reduce the likelihood of customers or tenants getting sick from Covid-19 or other viruses? Do you run a medical clinic where you see a lot of sick patients, but don't want to contribute to clinic-acquired infections?  Our natural, non-toxic Instapure solution is used in hospitals as a sterliant, and our Everpure solution provides 90-days of EPA approved antimicrobial protection against all types of viruses and pathogens.  Protect you and your patrons or tenants on an ongoing basis.  Whatever type of business you are, a protective coating on soft surfaces and hard surfaces every 90-days will ensure the health of all that visit your location... indefinitely.

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